canadian climate data

canadian climate data

They incorporate a number of adjustments applied to the original station data to address shifts due to changes in instruments and in observing procedures. Global warming is happening because human activity is increasing the concentration of greenhouse gases in Earth’s atmosphere. Of the eight largest Canadian cities, Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto have the warmest summers, Winnipeg the coldest winters, while Vancouver's winters are far milder than any …

Our interactive climate change map allows you to explore how climate change will impact your community. Hot summer days may sound like a good thing, but they come with many risks to human health. The Climate Atlas of Canada is an interactive tool for citizens, researchers, businesses, and community and political leaders to learn about climate change in Canada. 515 Portage AvenueWinnipeg, Manitoba R3B 2E9.

Jiwa joined Nazemi’s lab after taking his calculus course and led the developments of the three apps.

Building Resilience and Cutting Emissions, Community Owned and Operated Solar Company, Nine reports on climate change adaptation in Calgary and Edmonton, How computer models help us understand climate. Since then, the project has evolved tremendously. This has been a gap for me and other researchers interested in Canadian climate,” says Nazemi, whose background is in hydrology and water resources engineering. These include the general public, the media, policy analysts, and … The climate threat is real, but so are exciting possibilities to find new and creative approaches to living together with health and prosperity within the limits of the natural world. These data were created for use in climate research including climate change studies. They should also be aware that ongoing research on adjustment techniques may result in future revisions of the datasets. There's enough known about 67 of Canada's 167 watersheds to assess how well they're standing up under the pressures of development, loss of biodiversity and climate change.
“It’s indeed concerning that the extent of data is decreasing. Climate Data Products. Beyond its usefulness for researchers, the newly developed apps will also make valuable resources for the public. The Canadian Centre for Climate Modelling and Analysis (CCCma), a section of the Climate Research Division, develops and applies computer models of the climate system to simulate global and Canadian climate, and to predict changes on seasonal to centennial timescales. “It was a very frustrating issue. The publication shown below contains climatological and other geophysical data for Canada. Nazemi says they specifically created a search function that would allow someone to compare data from any Canadian station in a reference year with current condition, a simple comparison, which can demonstrate how climate has changed over time. Find out more about Concordia’s Department of Building, Civil and Environmental Engineering in the Gina Cody School of Engineering. There’s no doubt that with climate change we’re going to see more heat waves. Concordia researchers create a new publicly available portal that retrieves weather information from as far back as 1840, Ali Nazemi: “We wanted to make the accessibility better so that people can get to the data more easily.”, Department of Building, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Canadian Climate Data Accessibility Portal (CCDAP), Past vs. Current Cimate Comparison in Canada (PCCC), Evolution of Climate Observatories in Canada (ECO-CAN), Concordia’s Department of Building, Civil and Environmental Engineering, ‘We need to find better ways to protect our water', Coming soon to Montreal: the infrastructure cost of climate change. This inevitably results in a better understanding of variability and change in weather and climate over Canada and its role in socio-economic activities and livelihood across Canadian communities.”. Climate change solutions start close to home, with simple actions in our own homes and families, but  also involve new ways of thinking, planning, and acting in workplaces, neighbourhoods, and communities across the country. The datasets are updated annually with the most recent data. This project was undertaken with the financial support of: The climate determines almost everything about how we design, build, and live in our cities. Find out what climate change means for Canada’s forests and trees. This is 1464 files, if hourly data are required. Even temperate coastal cities such as Vancouver are preparing for extreme heat impacts. Climate change impacts all of us.

Users are strongly cautioned to determine the data suitability for their application. Nazemi and Jiwa conceived of the portal last summer. Four out of five people in Canada live in urban areas, which means the vast majority of Canadians face the growing risks that climate change is bringing to our cities and towns.
On top of increased risks of heat stroke and exhaustion, hot temperatures can lead to more forest fires smoke problems, promote the... Canada’s forests stretch across the country and have enormous economic, cultural, environmental, and recreational value. These data are not the official Meteorological Service of Canada in situ station records and therefore should not be used for legal purposes.

The adjusted and homogenized data are provided for four climate elements: By downloading these data you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the licensing conditions. Read all about the changes here.

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