choc cake recipe using olive oil

choc cake recipe using olive oil

I was anticipating a pour-able ganache, but wound up with something more fudge textured. Late to the game, but Rocky Road anything is mini-marshmallows and walnut chunks mixed into chocolate. I’d like to make this cake in a 9×13 pan. I just saw you’re coming to my town! (We both know Ina is .) Thank you. I admit I like boxed chocolate cake mixes, because they tend to be lighter and chocolatey. It is a bit high here but I found it consistent with other recipes and of course, it worked fine in my kitchen. It came out of the pan no worries. Speaking of accidentally vegan, I’m thinking of making this for a vegan coworker but don’t have a reliable cake pan.
You said “fall” so I’m making this for Thanksgiving! Are you at altitude? It was super quick and it was great. Should be alright, I often do that. * baking soda – reduced to 1 ts per Deb’s note in the comments, and there was a slight depression in the center, but not much, and the cake didn’t have a baking soda taste. Wao this cake looks yummy. I must ask, though, what’s with all the advertising? I made it again last night and it literally exploded all over my oven.

If so, how did they turn out and did the baking time need to be adjusted? It makes my life easier ;)
After I eat this olive oil cake first…. It didn’t seem overbaked at all, did it? our whole family enjoyed and will continue to make in the future! I’m going to try it with avocado oil instead of the olive oil! This was really good.

:), It’s baking soda and vinegar! What a nice treat. Would love to make for company but the sunken middle isn’t too pretty but the flavor and texture are fab. I need to make this with gluten free flour, but I think it will still work with a pinch of guar gum added. I have made this many times because my daughter is allergic to eggs. I haven’t doubled it but it’s a finicky cake and I cannot promise it won’t cave if you do. Coming back here to say that the baking soda definitely needs to be reduced. My mom always frosted her Texas sheet cake (which tasted pretty similar to the “wacky cake”) with Rocky Road frosting.

Thank you Deb for this wonderful recipe that is easy to make and delicious. I presently have extra virgin in my cupboard. I’ve made this several times now (with coffee in lieu of water, along with a little added to the glaze) and it is consistently amazing! I have made olive oil cakes in the past and also vegan cakes and they are usually ok – often they have a weird, too-oily texture, so i was delighted when this cake turned out actually cake-y! I doubled it and stacked it to make it more celebratory…. 1. I have a lot of vegan friends. I added cardamom, and used water. YAY. Thanks again for the recipe * 8-inch (8″) round cake pan for 35 mins. sigh. This looks amazing! I ended up halving the recipe and making it as cupcakes (it made 8). I’ll try your recipe this time with the amped up baking cocoa, and maybe a tablespoon of espresso powder to give it that extra oomph… But still butter frosting – always butter frosting.

Looked like a big muffin lol! Something else. This is the best chocolate cake I’ve ever eaten. Is the freshness why I had a bottle of (Italian) olive oil that literally made me blush when I ate it? I was able to cover it up nicely with the chocolate frosting, though, you can barely tell. He said it’s better than the bakery cake he had made for the 85 Bears Superbowl. Oil cakes can’t be beat on the moist front.

I used some Greek olive oil that came from a specialty market, but next time I will used a milder olive oil – I thought it gave a too prominent a grassy, or astringent quality to the cake. I am a very experienced baker. Just forwarded the chocolate cake recipe to an old friend who suddenly developed lactose intolerance. This recipe is perfect! I was just wondering if this cake can be made a few hours before serving because the recipe mentioned the icing hardening? So glad you enjoyed (and smart call about the snack cake in the freezer!)

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